Be Aware!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.35.18 PMUnder President Trump’s administration everyone who does not look like they belong in the U.S. should be extra careful with what they do.  Government officials are  looking for any excuse to get people out of this country. Now that people know who is running the country; they feel entitled to do anything they want with those they believe are illegal immigrants. In the article attached this young man (Juan) just got deported back to Mexico, the country he left when he was 9 and hadn’t returned since. This occurred because he didn’t have the proper documentation on him, and was denied the chance to get them after he was detained.  Officials are being very strict and taking advantage of their power. We all need to be very careful, and avoid any issues what so ever!



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As I was checking my Twitter account, I couldn’t help but notice today’s, April 19, trending hashtag: #BuildTheWall. This hashtag is a promoted ad, meaning that someone PAID Twitter to put this hashtag at the top of our trending list. The organization that came up with this hashtag was The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). FAIR believes in stopping “illegal immigration,” reducing legal immigration, increasing law enforcement, and establishing borders. Some may argue that this organization can be viewed as a “hate group.”

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It’s a shame seeing Twitter promoting this hashtag when earlier this year on their official account, they tweeted that they stood FOR AND WITH immigrants. I guess for the right price, to hell with morals or standards. #DontBuildTheWall