Just Looking for Someone to Blame!


I always hear people saying “Immigrants are taking all our jobs”, “Immigrants are ruining the United States”, “Immigrants are changing what America is all about”…etc. But in reality, America wouldn’t be what it is, without us. We gave the US a little
“spice,” with the variety of cultures we brought here. The sameAnti-Immigrant1.png people who say those things, are out eating Mexican food, and getting some type of work done by an immigrant. They are so fast to turn their backs on people who come here in search of a better future without harming anyone, than the people who were lucky enough to be born here,and just didn’t take advantage of it. People easily think they are superior than other people just because a piece of paper tells them they belong in the US. But aren’t we all immigrants? Aren’t we all invading foreign land? No, when it comes to looking at it that way, people prefer to be blind. Just like in the article I stumbled upon, where they want to blame immigrants for making US citizens jobless, and poor, instead of actually looking at what they do wrong to be in the situation they are in. Maybe, they are too lazy to actually work, and prefer to ask for money at a red light. Or maybe they just don’t want to work for the pay the employer offers. So that’s when the immigrant comes in, and they do want to work, and accomplish success. So they are willing to work in any profession and get paid any amount, as long as they can provide for their families. People who are US citizens are able to receive endless benefits from the government, which also provides them with the excuse of not having timm jobo go and work, because they have other ways of receiving help. Unlike an illegal immigrant, who has to work and do everything they can to make some money just to be able to afford food for their family. Of course there’s exceptions to everything that I’m saying, but, we have to open our eyes to beyond ILLEGAL OR LEGAL

That is not the issue….


We are a Melting Pot


No matter how much xinophobes would like it there is no getting rid of all of us. We are all descendants of immigrants, excluding Native Americans of course


Canada Welcomes Malala

075FE4CD-333E-46D4-9B3A-B64AE5311F83_cx0_cy6_cw0_w1023_r1_sMalala Becomes Honorary Canadian Citizen

This week the Prime Minister of Canada welcomed Malala into his country.  His invitation extended later on when he gave her honorary Canadian citizenship. Malala is from Pakistan and has endured many trials in her short life. She is a strong advocate for education rights for all women and her journey has even landed her a Nobel Peace Prize. This article is a great example of how welcoming countries should be to outsiders. Many immigrants around the world have so much to offer the countries they’re in, they just need someone to give them a chance.

“Illegal Immigration? We Asked Native Americans About It”

This video shows how Native Americans feel and what they think when hearing words like “illegal” or “immigrants.” Hearing words of that caliber makes them feel awkward and uncomfortable. They have every right to feel this way, since it was their land first. One of the first facts mentioned is how European settlers are the original immigrants of the United States. With this past election and the talk of creating more borders has created more problems with the Native Americans. They express how the borders have caused so much disruption in their way of life, traditions, and culture. At the end of the day, “America doesn’t belong to anybody.”

The United States v Canada


Canadian and American immigration started off as similar, with both excluding non-white immigrants and only welcoming immigrants from Western European countries. But since then, these countries’ immigration laws have become opposites. Canada now has a reputation as a welcoming country to immigrants. But in the United States, immigration has become a more dividing issue. Canada prefers immigrants who are going to help grow the countries economy, while the United States gives more green cards to immigrants who have relatives in the States. The economist published an article by E.G. Austin where he talked about The United Sates v Canada and why they have differing views on immigration.

Why the different views on Immigration?

20150110_amd111.jpgUnlike the United States, only a third of Canadians believe immigration is more of a problem than an opportunity. Canadians are rather concerned about “brain waste,” they want to ensure that high-skilled immigrants who can offer something to their country are welcome. They believe that immigrants actually create jobs and not steal them from natives. Immigrants are also net contributors, which is good for the economy. They also see multiculturalism as an important factor of national identity. Another reason that allows Canada to be so welcoming is that they need population growth because it has such a small population compared to the US. And why not fill your country with high-skilled members of society?

How do they choose these skilled immigrants?

Canada launched a program called ‘Express Entry,’ a tool that makes it easier for potential immigrants to acquire permanent residency. This type of entry is available to high-skilled workers and international students. Prospective immigrants have to fill out an online profile with their personal information, and government workers peruse their profiles and determine who is eligible. To be eligible you must have prior job experience—and a job offer to enter the country, and for students, you must have graduated 12 months prior, you must have experience in speaking English and/or French, and proof of funds showing you have enough money to support yourself and your family upon arrival. (www.cic.gc.ca)

640x640 (1)-20161109051204-770x430I do agree with a lot of the things the Austin brought up in the article. You never hear someone in the United Sates advocate for immigration on the basis of that it adds to the social construct of the country. The United States should be more open to high-skilled immigrants; they are good for the economy. Although there are some factors that make it difficult for States to change up their immigration laws, it is not impossible. Take some notes, America.