Be Aware!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.35.18 PMUnder President Trump’s administration everyone who does not look like they belong in the U.S. should be extra careful with what they do.  Government officials are  looking for any excuse to get people out of this country. Now that people know who is running the country; they feel entitled to do anything they want with those they believe are illegal immigrants. In the article attached this young man (Juan) just got deported back to Mexico, the country he left when he was 9 and hadn’t returned since. This occurred because he didn’t have the proper documentation on him, and was denied the chance to get them after he was detained.  Officials are being very strict and taking advantage of their power. We all need to be very careful, and avoid any issues what so ever!


Most Undocumented Immigrants DO Pay Taxes!

imrs.phpThey don’t pay taxes!”  “Our current immigration system costs America’s taxpayers many billions of dollars a year.” “They don’t contribute to our economy!”  Those are a few examples of misconceptions some Americans, including our President, have expressed towards the undocumented immigrant community in the United States.

Opinions are evidently not facts and if statistics won’t convince others that those myths are inaccurate, then I will. I am an undocumented student that works legally in the U.S. under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and pay my taxes. From the sweet age of seventeen I have been paying federal and state taxes. Social security and Medicare are indeed deducted from my checks and I do not qualify for any of their benefits. I also do not qualify for any federal grants or scholarships but luckily do qualify for in-state tuition due to the Maryland Dream Act.

The Vox’s article “Undocumented immigrants pay taxes too. Here’s how they do it” by Alexia Fernández Campbell is another example of an undocumented immigrant filing their taxes. Unlike Maria ,the person interviewed, I work with a work permit that comes with a Social Security number while she uses an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).  Maria and I are part of the estimated 6 million (out of 12 million) undocumented immigrants predicted of filing taxes every year.

The article mentioned that in 2013 a study determined that the portion that undocumented tax payers contributed to the Social Security Administration was about $13 Billion in one single year. That is $13 billion that millions, like myself, will probably never see again if we retire in the U.S.  Despite those facts, I am okay with paying my debt to society but I am not okay with the tainted lies spread about people like myself.

belenBelen Sisa is a student at Arizona State University who got tired of the repeated misconceptions, and decided to take matters into her own hands. She decided to post a picture of herself holding her 1040 tax form to demonstrate that she, like many other immigrants, pays her taxes.  In her caption she even mentioned paying the state of Arizona a total of $300 after filing her taxes.

These are just a few examples of undocumented immigrants who file taxes every year despite their legal status is this country.  Unfortunately it is predicted that not all 12 million immigrants pay their dues but that shouldn’t make room for negative criticism for those that do. The portion that does contribute to this society, do so in the hopes of one day being fully integrated into American society as citizens.  It is those hard workers and dreamers that will change the mindsets of people like our President.




“Illegal Immigration? We Asked Native Americans About It”

This video shows how Native Americans feel and what they think when hearing words like “illegal” or “immigrants.” Hearing words of that caliber makes them feel awkward and uncomfortable. They have every right to feel this way, since it was their land first. One of the first facts mentioned is how European settlers are the original immigrants of the United States. With this past election and the talk of creating more borders has created more problems with the Native Americans. They express how the borders have caused so much disruption in their way of life, traditions, and culture. At the end of the day, “America doesn’t belong to anybody.”

A Day Without Immigrants

Day-without-ImmigrantsThursday February 16th was a nationwide boycott by immigrants, to showcase what a day would be like without them. Immigrants were to not go to work, school, or shop in response to Trump’s new immigration policies. With immigrants being the core of this nation, it was a really sad day. This Buzzfeed article  shows some of the effects this boycott had in the Washington, DC area. Some restaurants were shut down because all the workers are immigrants, and some business just decided to shut down in solidarity with the movement. Although this day was a reality check for most, it did not change the opinion of some. I hope to see more movements like this in the future, and change to come from this.